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CONNECTICUT: Wrestling Maven Linda McMahon Buys GOP Senate Primary Win

Tea Party candidate and pro wrestling jillionaire Linda McMahon won today’s GOP Senate primary in Connecticut after outspending her moderate opponent by 12-1. In defeating Christopher Shays, a former United States representative and longtime fixture in moderate politics in the state, Ms. McMahon underscored the power of being an outside candidate, as well as a wealthy one. She outspent her …

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What Do We Think Of Linda McMahon?

I’m trying to figure out where we should stand on former WWE president Linda McMahon and her run for Chris Dodd’s Senate seat. The issues section of McMahon’s campaign site makes no mention of LGBT rights or same-sex marriage and a Google search on her name and those issues yields little. Dodd is retiring at the end of his current …

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Pro Wrestling’s Linda McMahon To Run For Senate Against Chris Dodd (D-CT)

WWE CEO Linda McMahon, wife of pro-wrestling mogul Vince McMahon, has announced her candidacy to unseat Sen. Chris Dodd in Connecticut. McMahon, who is 60 and lives in Greenwich, is joining an increasingly crowded Republican field hoping to oust the man many perceive as the Senate’s weakest incumbent, Connecticut Democrat Christopher J. Dodd. “I have spent the past 30 years …

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