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Trump Store Launches Homocon T-Shirts

Today the Log Cabin Republicans gleefully tweeted the news that Donald Trump has begun selling “LGBTQ For Trump” t-shirts at $30 each. (The “Q” should really be preceded by an ellipsis considering Trump’s famous difficulty with the acronym.)  I’ll leave it up you folks what the back of the shirt should say.

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Homcons For Trump Praise Ideological Test For Immigrants: Only Trump Will Protect Us From Islamists

From LGBT For Trump founder Chris Barron: “Donald Trump once again made it clear that he is the only Presidential candidate committed to protecting LGBT Americans from the threat posed by radical Islam. While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refuse to even acknowledge the threat of radical Islam, Donald Trump is committed to destroying ISIS and fighting the spread of …

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LGBT For Trump To Hold GOP Convention Party

This event appeared yesterday on the Facebook page for LGBT For Trump, which was launched earlier this month by GOProud founder Chris Barron. #ShootBack is a party taking place during the GOP Convention. Organized by a coalition of gay Republicans who — like all Americans — were shaken by the tragic massacre in Orlando, our vision is to bring together …

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