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Trump Celebrates Senate Confirmation Of Former Hate Group Staffer Lawrence VanDyke To Ninth Circuit Court

Via press release from Lambda Legal: Lawrence VanDyke’s confirmation represents the latest affront to the LGBT community by an administration that appears to revel in its disdain for LGBT people and our families. As outlined in our letter of opposition, Mr. VanDyke’s long history of working to diminish the civil rights of the LGBT community renders it wholly implausible that …

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Tony Perkins Outraged At “Vicious, Unfounded” Claim That Former Hate Group Staffer Opposes LGBT Rights

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins: Justice may be blind, but the American Bar Association is not. That’s the biggest takeaway from Wednesday’s Senate hearing, when Ninth Circuit Court nominee Lawrence VanDyke became the ABA’s latest contestant on “conservatives don’t have talent.” Like most of this president’s picks, VanDyke probably braced himself for the Kavanaugh Treatment. But he …

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