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Pop Singer Blasts “Abhorrent” Fox News For Using Hit Single Bulletproof In Story About Backpacks [VIDEO]

Billboard Magazine reports: La Roux has taken Fox Business to task for using the song “Bulletproof” in a back-to-school segment promoting bulletproof school gear. A broadcast of Mornings With Maria on Monday showed a segment on back-to-school gear lined with hard ballistic plates. The segment used a clip of La Roux’s 2009 single “Bulletproof” as the lead-in track, keeping only …

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La Roux – Kiss And Not Tell

Via Stereogum: La Roux’s video for “Kiss And Tell” is a colorful take on ’80s sex infomercials, featuring Elly Jackson acting as recipient for all of the calls. It features an impressive cadre of vintage phones, from the traditionally quirky hamburger phone to one that looks like a piano. A European telephone number flashes across the screen that, when called, …

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Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of Fly Life Inc, today’s Swag Tuesday prize is the new album by British dance artist La Roux. If you’ve attended any of the Blowoff parties around the country in the last month or so, you’ve probably heard La Roux. (I think there even might be a Rich Morel remix on the way. Squeal!) The highly anticipated 2009 debut …

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