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Brooklyn Rabbis Threaten To Yank Kosher Certification From Venues If Lesbian Comic Is Allowed To Perform

The New York Daily News reports: It may be kosher — but it’s not right. A popular Jewish comic from Brooklyn was booted from two different eateries because the local kosher police threatened to yank their religious stamp of approval on the food if a lesbian performed there. Leah Forster, 36, whose stand-up schtick features the insular Orthodox world she …

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NYC’s Tap Water Isn’t Kosher

Gizmodo reports that NYC’s famously delicious tap water is full of jillions of microscopic shellfish called copepods, rather alarming news for city’s Orthodox, especially as the High Holy Days approach. As NYC’s water supply is of such high quality that the EPA does not require mechanical filtering, the nation’s “leading kosher certification organization” has issued the following instructions: • Tap …

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