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National Top 40 Radio Teen Advice Host Partners With “Ex-Gay” Groups

Tom Lang of Know Thy Neighbor alerts us that nationally syndicated radio host Dawson McCallister is directing teens that question their sexually to contact “ex-gay” organizations like Exodus International. McCallister’s teen advice program is heard on Top 40 stations in 165 markets. Lang called the show and posed as a 16 year old boy to one of McCallister’s counselors: Pretending …

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Wal-Mart CEO Signed Anti-Gay Petition

Know Thy Neighbor is reporting that Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke is among the 80,000 Arkansas residents that signed a petition to ban adoption for same-sex couples. His wife signed also. Mike Duke of 16 Pinnacle Drive, Rogers, Arkansas with the birthdate of 12/07/49 appears on a petition sheet for the Anti-Gay Arkansas Adoption and Foster Ban or Act 1. The …

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Know Thy Hater

Know Thy Neighbor has posted the names of all 83,000 Arkansas voters who signed petitions calling for a ban on adoption by same-sex couples. Their database is searchable by zip code, last name, town, and county. “This is about responsibility and dialogue,” said Tom Lang, KnowThyNeighbor.org’s director. “These petition signers need to stand behind their signatures and be responsible for …

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