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HomoQuotable – Daniel Nardicio

“I will NEVER let another celeb pose for Playgirl without full-frontal (unless we advertise so). In other words, Kirk will have to do full frontal to do Playgirl. Playgirl made a killing off the Levi shoot, and I got a hefty raise because of it. Some douchebag at AOL Popeater wrote a “piece” where he claims I said we lost …

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CougarGate: Kirk Signs With Playgirl?

Manhattan nightlife and sex party promoter Daniel Nardicio is reporting on his Facebook page that Iris Robinson’s boytoy, the now 21 years old Kirk McCambley, has signed to do a photo-layout for Playgirl. Nardicio also handled Levi Johnston’s hotly awaited, but poorly received photo spread for the title. Since the scandal broke, McCambley has become a minor sensation in the …

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CougarGate: Iris Did Kirk’s DAD Too, Scandal May Bring Down Government

Can it possibly get any sleazier? Iris Robinson, the UK’s most infamous homophobe, not only fucked 19 year-old Kirk McCambley, she fucked his father too! The scandal now threatens to bring down Robinson’s husband Peter, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, and the entire coalition government he heads. The sex scandal that has transfixed Northern Ireland in recent days has …

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