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Kenneth Starr: Paul Manafort’s Plea Was Good For The Country, For Trump To Pardon Him Would Be “Unwise”

USA Today reports: Ken Starr, the man who led the investigation that resulted in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, said he was was not surprised to see former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller. “He was under tremendous pressure,” the former judge said Sunday during an interview on “ABC This Week.” “Given the seriousness of the …

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Prop 8: Good News/Bad News

First the good news. California Attorney General Jerry Brown changed course on the state’s new same-sex marriage ban Friday and urged the state Supreme Court to void Proposition 8. In a dramatic reversal, Brown filed a legal brief saying the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman is itself unconstitutional because it …

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Kenneth Starr May Defend Prop 8

According to Mother Jones, Bill Clinton’s nemesis Kenneth Starr will bat for the haters in the coming Prop 8 case before the California Supreme Court. Overheard last week in DC at a right-wing legal convention: “We’ve all but confirmed that Ken Starr is going to take the case.”–Jordan Lorence, senior counsel, Alliance Defense Fund. The involvement of the former Clinton …

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