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Fox Host Calls Buttigieg Racially Divisive “Cracker”

“It doesn’t address where problems specifically are. It is just this broad brush painted by a cracker who only wants to racially divide the country further. That is not necessary. He is not good at his job. He doesn’t understand transportation. I don’t think he understands infrastructure. “He just speaks in slogans and they are empty, but he thinks they …

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Fox Host Calls Springsteen “Massive Commie Pinko”

Mediaite reports: “I don’t like Bruce Springsteen,” Kennedy announced as his hit “Glory Days” played following a commercial break. “I think he’s a big commie!” The host went on to clarify that while she likes “Glory Days” and “Born in the U.S.A,” she generally dislikes the singer, who she reasoned has “turned into a massive pinko.” While Kennedy said she …

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