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Ex-DOJ Official Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee

CNN reports: Former Justice Department staffer Ken Klukowski, who worked with Jeffrey Clark at the agency, is cooperating in the DOJ’s January 6 criminal investigation, after investigators searched and copied his electronic records several weeks ago. “We’ve been fully cooperating both with the Department of Justice and the Select Committee, and we’ll continue with that cooperation,” Klukowski’s lawyer Ed Greim …

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Family Research Council: Trump’s Anti-LGBT Executive Order Is Definitely Coming And We Wrote It Ourselves

Michelangelo Signorile reports at the Huffington Post: Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who has served as domestic policy chair of President Donald Trump’s transition team, told me in an interview on SiriusXM Progress that the controversial “religious freedom” order that leaked to the press a few weeks ago is very much on the way, even though White House …

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