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Anti-Vax Mob Chases British MP With Noose [VIDEO]

The Express reports: Sir Keir Starmer has been bundled into a police car after being mobbed by a group of anti-vax protesters. Police were forced to quickly intervene after the group hurled abuse at the Labour leader. They booed the Labour leader as they chased him down the street. The activists could be heard screaming “traitor” as they confronted the …

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UK Labour Leader: Protect Schools From Anti-Vax Mobs

The BBC reports: Councils should be able to stop anti-vaccination protesters from demonstrating outside schools by using exclusion orders, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said. Sir Keir said it was “sickening” that protesters were spreading “dangerous misinformation” to children. He urged the government to “urgently” update the law so exclusion zones can be rapidly set up around school gates. …

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