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OAN Host Blames Crime Rate On Witchcraft [VIDEO]

“It’s sad that as we see Christianity receding, the pews getting more and more empty as the years go by, the society gets anti-Christian in one aspect and then it starts to attack the church, you know, with hatred and vitriol, but also in the same way we see paganism making a return. “Both, you know, on the fringes of …

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OAN Host Blames “Free Sex” For Incel Mass Shootings

Media Matters has the transcript: KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): We’re not the first culture to experiment with, you know, free sex. That’s something that’s actually been tried many, many times before, and what you see through a lot of — especially a lot of ancient and pagan societies, is that the most high status of men, that they’re going to get …

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