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Comedian Dane Cook Gets Kanye’d During Finale Of American Idol

I haven’t followed this season of American Idol, but I did catch some of last night’s finale. The highlight, for me, was when unfunny comedian Dane Cook was performing a satiric tribute to Simon Cowell’s final appearance on the show. As Cook sang, a troupe of the show’s most infamous weirdos trotted out, including hipster hero William Hung. Watch how …

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Dan Choi Kanye’s Kathy Griffin & The HRC

According to some reports, Lt. Dan Choi was not scheduled to speak at the HRC press conference with Kathy Griffin at DC City Hall today. We’re hearing that he asked to appear at the podium, but was told “this is Kathy’s show.” (Or something to that effect.) Apparently, Choi took the podium anyway. Via Kerry Eleveld at the Advocate: “You’ve …

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