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GOP Speaker Of Kansas House Sends Out Email Prayer For Death Of Obama

The GOP speaker of the Kansas House has sent out an email prayer for the death of President Obama. Such “imprecatory prayers” are usually seen from far-right preachers, not politicians. The Journal-World also revealed that O’Neal had forward another email which referenced the Bible verse Psalm 109:8, which reads: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” …

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Former Rep. Jim Slattery (D-KS) has come out with one of the strangest ads ever seen in his campaign to unseat Sen. Pat Roberts. Via Horse’s Ass: Behold the most horrifying yet hilarious political advertisement ever produced. (You think I exaggerate? Watch it. I dare you.) “Gushing record profits?” Bwhaaaaaaa.) The ad is on behalf of ex-Congressman Jim Slattery of …

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