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UGANDA: Police Raid Kampala Pride Nightclub Event, Attendees Reportedly Beaten, 20-25 Arrested

Buzzfeed reports: Ugandan police interrupted the Mr. and Miss Pride Uganda pageant at Kampala’s Venom nightclub on Thursday night, detaining several well known LGBT activists for about three hours before releasing them without charge. Around 20 to 25 people were arrested, those detained told BuzzFeed News after their release. That number included Pepe Julian Onziema and Frank Mugisha of Sexual …

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UGANDA: Hundreds Picket Capital In Support Of “Kill Gays” Bill

Hundreds of anti-gay protesters demonstrated in Kampala today in support of Uganda’s pending “kill gays” bill. The protesters, led by born-again clerics, cultural leaders, and university undergraduates, marched to the parliament where they presented a petition. The bill – introduced by parliamentarian David Bahati – would see gay men and lesbians sentenced to life imprisonment for having sex, and a …

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