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Editorial Of The Day

The New York Times yesterday posted an editorial about Dr. Robert Spitzer’s recanting of his infamous “ex-gay” research and its conclusions. Dr. Spitzer, who just turned 80, has acknowledged that his survey was deeply flawed. In a letter to the editor of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which had published his study, he said he had no way of knowing …

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SPLC Issues Report On NARTH

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued an in-depth examination of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which the SPLC calls “the main source for anti-gay junk science.” An excerpt: The LGBT community is overwhelmingly the group most targeted in violent hate crimes, according to an Intelligence Report analysis of 14 years of federal hate crime …

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Focus On The Family Lies Again

The liars at Focus On The Family continue with their lying liar ways, quoting a NARTH “peer-reviewed journal” which claims that homosexuality is a choice. Boring, tired, same-old same-old from FOF liar Gary Schneeburger: A new report in this month’s issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Human Sexuality finds that sexual orientation can be changed — and that psychological care …

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