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Kevin Aviance – Gimme More

Via producers Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern and Adam Joseph comes this Kevin Aviance cover of Britney Spears’ Gimme More. To date, Aviance has scored five #1 hits on Billboard’s dance chart. Aviance has bounded back from his brutal 2006 gay bashing in NYC, after which all four of his cowardly assailants received prison sentences of up to 15 years.

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Reading For Filth: Next Wednesday

Here’s the ad that will appear in tomorrow’s bar rags for the next edition of Reading For Filth, in which I’ll share the stage with Eric Leven, Sam J. Miller, Chadwick Moore, Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern, and Sherry Vine. And no, I don’t know who the model above is. Rapture Cafe & Books is located on Avenue A in …

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Somethin’ For The Fellas
(That Like The Fellas)

New Yorker Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern’s new song, Somethin’ For The Fellas (That Like The Fellas), is loaded with wailing divas, strutting queens, and lots of boy-on-boy action. Therefore, totally NSFW. Catchy track, the line “my mussy’s on fire” made me laugh, and but my favorite McGovern track is still 2005’s Soccer Practice.

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