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Far-Right Texas PAC Ousts Leader After Nazi Meeting

The Texas Tribune reports: Former Rep. Jonathan Stickland’s name has been removed from the website of Defend Texas Liberty, a political action committee and major donor to top Texas Republicans, where he served as president. Defend Texas Liberty’s website now lists Luke Macias, who previously served as the group’s director, as its president. The change follows more than a week …

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Texas GOP Infighting Escalates Over Meeting With Nazi

The Texas Tribune reports: The revelation that an influential conservative PAC leader hosted a white supremacist at his office last week unleashed extraordinary criticism and infighting among Texas Republicans on Monday, calls by the House speaker and a majority of his caucus to return political donations, and a defiant demand from the lieutenant governor that the speaker resign. Speaker Dade …

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Texas GOP State Rep: Vaccines Are Communist Sorcery

NBC News reports: A Republican state legislator from Texas went on an extended Twitter rant on Tuesday, dismissing concerns over an ongoing measles outbreak in his state and calling vaccines “sorcery,” “dangerous,” and “self-enriching ‘science.’” Rep. Jonathan Stickland, who represents a state legislative district near Fort Worth, initiated his outburst on Twitter after a Houston-based pediatrician and vaccine scientist, Dr. …

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