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End Times Nutter Jonathan Cahn Predicted Hurricane Joaquin Would Hit DC Because Gay Marriage [AUDIO]

Brian Tashman writes at Right Wing Watch: It looks like Jonathan Cahn has blown another prophecy. Over the weekend, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins interviewed Cahn about his recent speech at the FRC-hosted Values Voter Summit. Cahn, who gained Religious Right fame after predicting, unsuccessfully, that last month would be a period of chaos and turmoil, possibly culminating in …

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End Times Prophet Jonathan Cahn Rants About Gays At Family Research Council’s Duggar Fest [VIDEO]

Of all the crazy people that spoke at FRC’s Values Voter Summit this weekend, End Times “messianic” Rabbit Jonathan Cahn REALLY takes the loony cake. Watch as the crowd boos when Cahn flashes a photo of the White House bathed in rainbow lights, then tells them that SCOTUS and Obama have “desecrated” the rainbow, therefore God is going to kill …

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