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REPORT: Openly Gay CA Assembly Speaker John Perez Up For Secretary Of Labor

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, openly gay California Assembly Speaker John Perez is on the short list to replace Hilda Solis, who resigned as Secretary of Labor last month. If chosen and approved, Perez would become the first-ever gay member of a presidential cabinet.  Typical for these situations, Perez is being cagey about his prospects. “Look, I’m always …

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PhoboQuotable – Randy Thomasson

“John A. Perez is an aggressive supporter of the sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren, homosexual ‘marriages,’ and punishing business owners that don’t support homosexuality and cross-dressing. We’re concerned he will add to existing homosexual-agenda laws, such as ‘Harvey Milk Gay Day,’ $150,000 in government fines against family-oriented businesspersons, and a dozen other bad laws trampling people’s rights and freedoms.” – Save …

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John Perez: Openly Gay Man Elected Speaker Of California Assembly

First term California Assembly member John Perez was today elected by his fellow Democrats as the first openly gay Speaker of that body. Members emerged from a closed-door caucus at the historic Stanford Mansion to announce that Democrats had chosen Perez, of Los Angeles, on an unanimous vote. A public vote on the Assembly floor is expected in January. Perez …

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