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Gen. John McHugh: I Take It Back

Secretary of the Army Gen. John McHugh is backpedaling on yesterday’s comment that he would cease ejecting soldiers over DADT. Army Secretary John McHugh apologized Thursday for mistakenly telling journalists the Department of Defense would place a moratorium on discharges of homosexual servicemembers while the Pentagon conducts a year long study on the impact of changing the Don’t Ask Don’t …

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Gen. John McHugh: No More DADT Firings

Secretary of the Army Gen. John McHugh says he will no longer expel soldiers under DADT. Mr. McHugh, who spoke at a breakfast with Pentagon reporters, said it made no sense to pursue discharges of service members as he speaks with them about the change in policy. Mr. Obama, Mr. Gates and Admiral Mullen have all asked commanders to assess …

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Sec. Of Army Nominee Rep. John McHugh Wants To “Change” DADT

Barack Obama’s new nominee for Secretary of the Army, Rep. John McHugh (R-NY), agrees with the president that DADT needs to be “changed,” whatever that means these days. The Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld pressed White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about the nomination, asking if McHugh’s stance on DADT played into his selection. As usual, Gibbs gave an evasive answer. “I …

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