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MISSOURI: Anti-Gay GOP House Speaker Resigns In Wake Of Sexting Scandal

Via the St. Louis Dispatch: Missouri House Speaker John Diehl is resigning from both his leadership position and his legislative seat after acknowledging that he sent sexually charged text messages to a Capitol intern. “For the good of my party, the caucus, and this state, I’m not going to further jeopardize what we have accomplished this year and what can …

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Married Anti-Gay Missouri GOP House Speaker Busted For Sexting With College Freshman: “I’ll Leave You Quivering”

Earlier this year the Missouri affiliate of the Family Research Council celebrated GOP House Speaker John Diehl after he filed an anti-gay marriage amicus brief with the Eighth Circuit Court. Today the FRC is very, very quiet after the opposite-married Diehl was busted for sexting with a barely legal college intern. Via the Kansas City Star: The conversations unveil a …

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