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Former Dem Rep. John Delaney Ends White House Bid

The Washington Post reports: John Delaney, a businessman and former Maryland congressman who launched a bid for the presidency nearly three years ago, has dropped out of the race, saying in a statement that he doesn’t want to take support away from other moderate candidates in Monday’s Iowa caucuses. Delaney announced he was running for the Democratic nomination in July …

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Dem 2020 Candidate Sells “Trump Memory Eraser”

From the campaign site of former Rep. John Delaney: They may look like typical pink erasers, but these are no ordinary school supplies. Simply place one eraser beneath your pillow before falling asleep and by morning you’ll have forgotten all of the pain, invective, division, and incoherent ramblings of our 45th president. You’ll wake refreshed and ready to set about …

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