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John Cena On Patriotism & Diversity [VIDEO]

Note the family in the background. Mashable sets up the clip: John Cena wants to body slam bigotry in America. In a new public service announcement that feels as if it could just as easily be an ad announcing a “Cena 2016” campaign, the pro wrestler gives an earnest-sounding lecture about how patriotism goes hand in hand with respect for …

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BROOKLYN: Jon Stewart Jumps Into WWE Championship Match, Slams Star John Cena With Folding Chair [VIDEO]

Via Yahoo News: WWE champion Seth Rollins and U.S. Champion/Trainwreck actor John Cena were squaring off in a great title-for-title match when the former Daily Show host made his mark. After trading insults with Rollins earlier in the year, Stewart ran to the ring with a chair and the crowd — which had been rooting against Cena all night — …

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John Cena Supports Michael Sam

Wrestling superstar John Cena has a gay brother. Watch the full Larry King show.

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