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HomoQuotable – John Berry

“In under two years, President Obama and his record number of LGBT appointees have accomplished so much for LGBT Americans. His and Congress’s historic achievement of securing health care reform finally cements the most important protections for those in our community who need them most – especially those living with HIV and AIDS. “Hospital visitation rights for all Americans, expanded …

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Top Obama Gay John Berry: It’s Going To Be A Long Time On LGBT Rights

John Berry, the director of the Office of Personnel Management and the president’s highest ranking openly gay appointee spoke to the Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld after his speech at DC Pride yesterday (which I heard). Berry, who said he was speaking with the authorization of the White House, outlined a four-point list of LGBT rights that the Obama administration hopes to …

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Obama’s Most Prominent Gay So Far

Barack Obama has tapped National Zoo director John Berry to be the director of the Office of Personnel Management, making Berry one of the highest-ranked openly gay appointees in history. Victory Fund head Chuck Wolfe reacts: ‘It says a lot about Barack Obama’s commitment to equality in the workplace that he has apparently chosen an openly gay person for this …

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