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Newsmax Host: If We Take All The Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Atmosphere, How Will The Trees Make Oxygen?

“It sounds like a big challenge, because if we take all of the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, what are trees going to turn into oxygen? “That’s the Biden administration’s climate czar John Kerry, speaking at the White House’s climate summit, virtually. “Those comments came after the administration announced that it would seek a 50 to 52% reduction in …

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Newsmax Finally Caves: Biden Is The President-Elect

Mediaite reports: Newsmax TV anchor John Bachman finally declared that President-elect Joe Biden is, in fact, the president-elect, marking a massive step for the ardently pro-Trump network on their path to facing the reality that President Donald Trump lost his 2020 re-election bid. “The electoral college votes are being cast today, here is video from four states, New York, New …

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