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Dead Austrian Fascist’s Gay Lover Comes Out – And It’s His Replacement!

Wow. The dead Austrian gay Nazi/fascist story gets weirder. How is THAT possible? Conservative Austria was in a state of shock today after the male successor to Jörg Haider admitted to having a longstanding “special relationship” with the far right leader who died dramatically in a high speed car crash earlier this month. Stefan Petzner – the 27-year-old who recently …

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Austrian Right-Winger Was In Gay Bar Before He Died In DUI Crash

Fascist Austrian leader Joerg Haider was drinking in a gay bar before he died Saturday in a single-car drunk driving accident. The former leader of the far right in Austria was drinking in a gay bar the night he died, it has emerged. Joerg Haider had never been open about his homosexuality, but his habit of surrounding himself with handsome …

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