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Extremist Plans “Well-Armed” Action To Install Kari Lake

Media Matters reports: Conservative radio show host Joe Oltmann responded to Hobbs’ win by engaging in his typical violent rhetoric.  “Shut it down,” Oltmann said. “I’m going to Arizona. I know a lot of people are going to Arizona. We shut it down. We shut down every road, we shut down everything. We shut it down. And if it takes …

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GOP Podcaster Calls For Executing 19 US Senators

The Colorado Newsline reports: A prominent right-wing activist with ties to many Colorado Republicans on Friday called for the mass executions of politicians he said were “traitors” to the country, including Gov. Jared Polis and many U.S. senators. Joe Oltmann, founder and president of the activist group FEC United and host of the “Conservative Daily” podcast, made a series of …

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