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Fox Hosts Deny Downplaying Virus (Which They Did)

The Daily Beast reports: After spending weeks downplaying the deadly virus that now has nearly the entire U.S. under some form of lockdown, several Fox News stars are now attempting to gaslight viewers by claiming they sounded the alarms over the coronavirus all along while it was actually the media and Democrats who dismissed it. The network’s most-viewed primetime host …

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Fox Host: Trump’s Tweets Were Patriotic, Not Racist

“My mother has already texted me, fresh off the press, a preemptive text. ‘His tweets are racist and incendiary. Please don’t equivocate about that. You are already being criticized for having told the women’s soccer team to shut their traps. Be ethical Jesse, and don’t argue for the sake of jackass remarks.’ Mom’s not going to scare me off though, …

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