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TN GOP Rep Wants To Burn “Offensive” Library Books

The Tennessean reports: A last-minute amendment to give a politically appointed textbook commission final approval over books in Tennessee school libraries sparked a Capitol protest and heated debate in the General Assembly on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, Rep. Jerry Sexton, R-Bean Station, withdrew the controversial amendment requiring the commission to issue its own list of approved materials, but submitted a …

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TN Advances Bill To Make Bible The Official State Book

The Tennessean reports: A resolution designating the Bible as the state book cleared a House committee Tuesday morning despite constitutional concerns from several lawmakers. HJR150, carried by Rep. Jerry Sexton, R-Bean Station, would include the Bible in the Tennessee Blue Book next to a list of other state symbols. Similar to Sexton’s previous arguments, the resolution emphasizes the importance of …

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TN Bill Would Make Bible The “Official State Book”

Nashville’s ABC News affiliate reports: A Tennessee state representative wants to make the Holy Bible the official state book of Tennessee. Representative Jerry Sexton (R-Bean Station) is sponsoring House Joint Resolution 150, a resolution which has in previous years been sponsored but failed to pass. His resolution adds such a designation of making the Bible the official state book would …

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