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LEAKED: Jehovah’s Witness Anti-Masturbation Video

Boing Boing reports: This is such a creepy video that at first I thought it had to be a parody. But no, the cuts in this strange Jehovah Witness anti-masturbation training video are apparently real, leaked from Watchtower, the JW religious magazine. This video is edited by Lloyd Evans, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness writer and activist, from two induction videos, one …

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Jehovah’s Witness Cartoon Teaches Kids How To Cruelly Bully The Children Of Gay Parents [VIDEO]

A new cartoon from the Jehovah’s Witnesses teaches children how to give their classmates the “good news” about their gay parents spending eternity in hell. From the Friendly Atheist: The mother proceeds to tell the child why same-sex couples are going against the will of Jehovah by comparing gay marriage to a terrorist trying to get through airport security… and …

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