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Bernie’s 2016 Campaign Manager: He Might Run Again

Mediaite reports: Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders‘ former campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Tuesday that the 76-year-old Vermont Democratic Socialist may run again for president in 2020. If a potential Sanders bid for the White House is successful, it would make him the oldest president ever to assume office in his first term. Sanders will be 79 years old …

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Jake Tapper Jabs At Jeff Weaver: I Didn’t Come Up With Your Verkakte Rules, It Was The DNC [VIDEO]

This afternoon CNN host Jake Tapper got a bit exasperated with Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver, who continues to promise to flip superdelegates. Via Mediaite: Tapper told Weaver, “The argument you’re making is that superdelegates should go against the majority of the popular vote and pledged delegates.” Weaver said the numbers are “deceptive” because of the caucuses. Tapper said, “She …

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