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Ohio GOP State Rep Wants To Outlaw Contraception

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: State Rep. Jean Schmidt, a Clermont County Republican, said during a radio interview this week that she would entertain a debate about outlawing birth control in the wake of the United States Supreme Court overturning constitutional protections for abortion. Schmidt made the comments during a Wednesday interview with 700WLW’s Bill Cunningham in which she also …

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Ohio GOP Rep: Pregnancy By Rape Is An “Opportunity” Because That Baby Could “Grow Up To Cure Cancer”

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports: Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt sparked outrage during a hearing on an abortion bill when she said a hypothetical teenager traumatized by rape would have the “opportunity” to help that child become a “productive human being.” The comments came during a hearing over Schmidt’s House Bill 598. The bill has no exception for rape or incest. …

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Ohio GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt Whispers To Birther: I Agree With You

Last night Keith Olbermann pointed out that Schmidt has previously denounced the birther movement publicly. “So she was either lying then, or she’s lying now.”

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