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911 Calls Show Boebert’s Son Begging Police For Help

Colorado Springs’ ABC affiliate reports: In a series of 911 calls in December, one of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s sons called 911, saying his father and her then-husband was, “throwing (her son) around the house.” Boebert’s son is heard crying and breathing heavily, as he tells the dispatcher, “My dad’s been f****** throwing me around the house.” The dispatcher then asks …

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Boebert’s Husband Denies Infidelity Is Behind Divorce

The Denver Westword reports: Jayson Boebert has some things he wants to get off his chest about his eighteen-year marriage to Representative Lauren Boebert and their recently announced divorce — with him describing their “last few years” together as “a difficult time.” Speaking to Westword via text, Jayson peels back the curtain on his relationship with the conservative congresswoman, insisting …

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Boebert’s Neighbors Call 911 On Her Husband [AUDIO]

The Denver Post reports: Garfield County Sheriff’s deputies decided to let neighbors of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert settle a dispute between themselves and the congresswoman’s husband after he reportedly threatened them and destroyed their mailbox. But 911 calls from the incident, obtained by The Denver Post, show just how upset and nervous the neighbors were over their run-in with Boebert’s …

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