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State Investigates Harlem Hate Church’s Private School After New Allegations That Students Are Being Abused

The Huffington Post today published an update to its April 2019 report on alleged abuses at an infamous Harlem hate church’s private school. An excerpt: HuffPost has spoken with nine more former students, former congregants and relatives of current church members. They have corroborated details of HuffPost’s initial report and contributed their own similar stories. They describe a pastor who …

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Harlem Hate Church Accused Of Abusing Students

The Huffington Post has published a lengthy exposé of the school operated by infamous Harlem hate pastor James Manning. An excerpt: Around the same time Manning was gaining notoriety for his dangerous rhetoric, he locked a teenage boy named Sharif Hassan in the church’s basement, according to Hassan and several other congregants and students from that time. For three full …

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