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PA Senate To Begin “Forensic” Probe Of 2020 Election

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: Almost 10 months after the presidential election, the Pennsylvania Senate will open hearings this week as it launches a “forensic investigation,” the top Republican senator said Monday. Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R., Centre) said lawmakers will seek voting records, ballots, and machines — and suggested the Senate will use subpoenas to get them. “We …

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GOP Pennsylvania Senate Leader Screams For Three Minutes As Dem Rep Reads Letter From Homeless Man

Penn Live reports: Pennsylvania’s state Senate erupted this week over a bill that ended funding for the some of the poorest residents, leading a Republican lawmaker to shout over his Democratic colleague for nearly three minutes. Republicans have pushed to end the decades-old General Assistance program but Democrats on Wednesday introduced amendments to save the monthly funding for certain populations, …

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