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TN Lt Gov Sorry For Thirsty Replies To Twink [VIDEO]

Nashville’s ABC affiliate reports: Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, in an exclusive interview Thursday, apologized after the uproar over his interactions with provocative posts on social media, while insisting that his intentions have been misconstrued. “I’m really, really sorry if I’ve embarrassed my family, embarrassed my friends, embarrassed any of the members of the legislature with the posts,” McNally told …

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TN Lt Gov Posts Thirsty Replies On Gay Men’s Accounts

Nashville’s ABC affiliate reports: A young man’s nearly naked pictures on Instagram have turned into a controversy for Tennessee’s lieutenant governor. Randy McNally’s Instagram history started circulating on social media Wednesday. His critics say it shows he is a hypocrite as the legislature passes anti-LGBTQ legislation. The pictures were posted on an Instagram account by a man identifying himself as …

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