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Instant Disco History #11: Disco Xmas

Reposted from last year…. No holiday has been more discofied than Xmas. Disco Jingle Bells. Disco Rudolph. Disco Shitty Gift Card From A Store I’d Never Shop In. Here’s a few of my favorites. Weather Girls – Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man This Christmas (Columbia Records, 1986) – I’d listen to Martha and (the sadly late) Izora sing the …

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Instant Disco History # 13 – The Bump

I’m long overdue for an Instant Disco History post, so here’s an all-video entry featuring three hit songs about that painful ’70s dance craze, the bump. The 1977 Munich Machine album to the left doesn’t contain any songs about the bump, which probably caused more bruised hips than New York City’s old rusty subway turn-styles, but I’ve always loved those …

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Instant Disco History #12
Ooo-Wah, Ooo-Wah

Ooo-wah, Ooo-wah. How I hated it. That frenzied, bizarre, dance floor chant that arose during peak moments in gay clubs of the 70’s. Ooo-wah, Ooo-wah. Never once in 30-some odd years have I ooo’d or wah’d. Always it would seem to arise during the exact moment of a song I was particularly enjoying, shattering the moment as I gritted my …

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