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GEORGIA: No Hates Crime Charges For Marines That Beat Gay Man

In June two U.S. Marines were arrested in Savannah, Georgia after viciously beating a gay man they claimed had winked at them. The victim was hospitalized after suffering two seizures at the site of the attack. The case prompted national outrage and a local protest vigil after the men were only charged with misdemeanor assault. On Friday a joint investigation …

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Kokesh Loses In Tribunal

Cpl. Adam Kokesh, Iraq vet, anti-war activist, UMSC reservist, and AMERICAN HERO, lost his case before the Marine Corps today as a three-member panel recommended that he be involuntarily released from the Individual Ready Reserves and have his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps downgraded to a “general”, or less-than-honorable discharge. Kokesh was brought up on charges that he had …

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