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FLORIDA: GOP Pol To Intro Bill Requiring Students To Watch Dinesh D’Souza Film

Variety reports that GOP Florida state Sen. Alan Hays plans to introduce a bill that would require that all public high school and middle school students watch the latest movie by Christianist filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. The plan is sure to draw fire from liberals not only because D’Souza is a prominent conservative but because he is also behind the movie, …

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Photo Of The Day: Mini-Hommen

France’s far-right Printemps Français (French Spring), which organized some of the most violent anti-gay protests during marriage battle, has posted the above photo titled “Bravo Aux Mini-Hommen!!!” The Hommen, you should recall, are the anti-gay and yet oddly homoerotic group of young French men who protest topless against same-sex marriage. You’ve got to be carefully taught…. (Tipped by JMG reader …

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You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught: Kids’ Book Explains How To Hate Gay People

Jeremy Hooper points out that the book bears a stamp of approval from the American Family Association.

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