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INDIANA: Hate Groups Sue To Overturn State’s “RFRA Fix” And All Local LGBT Rights Laws

You may recall that civil rights groups were far from satisfied with Indiana’s “fix” to make its “religious liberty” law less anti-LGBT. But as we know, ANY law that protects LGBT citizens is too much for hate groups. Therefore, emboldened by last month’s win in Houston, they are now aiming their Jesus Guns at Indiana. The Indiana Business Journal reports: …

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Hate Groups To SCOTUS: Gay Marriage Causes Slutty Girls And Violent Boys

A coalition of anti-gay hate groups has filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court which argues, among other reasons, that same-sex marriage must not be approved because otherwise the nation will be overrun with trampy girls and violent boys. From the brief: Fathers tend to roughhouse and engage in stimulating play with their children, which helps teach them to …

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Indiana Haters Have The Equality Sadz

“In the event that same-sex marriage is here to stay, as we have seen in other states, those who refuse to applaud same-sex relationships will eventually be punished by their own government for their sincerely held beliefs. Business owners such as bakers, florists, bed and breakfast owners, photographers and many others are being, fined, forced to close their businesses and …

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