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The lawyer for a Connecticut man who was arrested for fisting a female horse (SRSLY) is asking the court to show his client lenience because he’s a devout Christian without a previous criminal record. “Mr. Wegiel has never been arrested for any crime before this, and I think he is eligible,” Crozier said. Crozier said Wegiel denies abusing the horse. …

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Another Heterosexual Pervert Busted For Having Sex With Horses

Emboldened by the widespread granting of “straight” rights, yet another deviant heterosexual has been arrested for bestiality – the next perverted stop on the slippery slope of “tolerance” for these degenerates who will have sex with anyone or any animal, as long as it’s an act of opposite-sex “love.” An 18-year-old man was busted for having sex with horses at …

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