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Maddow: Museum Shooter Was A Birther

The Holocaust Museum shooter was a birther. Shocker.

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Right-Wing Comes Swinging For Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith

Today’s top story on World Net Daily, the most widely-read conservative site in nation, is not an alarmed recapping of yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial shooting, but rather a blistering attack on Fox News anchor Shepard Smith for his righteous worry about the alarming state of an increasingly extremist-laden America in which even the nationality of our president is questioned. Fox News …

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Glenn Beck Guest: Liberalism=Racism

Some talking toupee from the Ayn Rand Institute appeared on Glenn Beck’s show last night to say that the Holocaust Museum shooter was actually a leftist, because, “Racism is a form of collectivism. The right wing is individualist.” Beck goes on to invoke Rev. Jeremiah Wright as an example of left wing racists.

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