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HLN Cancels Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Show

Right wing sites are screaming that CNN has canceled Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN show in reprisal for his taking part in the rumor campaign about Hillary Clinton’s health. Deadline reports: Days after CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield announced on air she’s moving to HLN in the fall, HLN quietly confirmed Dr. Drew Pinsky’s program will end next month, though he will remain …

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Nancy Grace: Why Would Somebody Hit “Sweet Lady” Anita Bryant With A Pie?

This really takes the…pie. In a discussion about a recent incident involving Brad Pitt, HLN host Nancy Grace brings up the 1977 pie attack on Anita Bryant, who is a “sweet lady” that reminds Grace of her mother. There no mention of Bryant’s vicious (and successful) campaign against gay rights in Miami. The guest speaker chimes in that that Bryant’s …

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HLN Misidentifies Progessive Radio Host David Pakman As Former Neo-Nazi

Progressive radio host David Pakman made the rounds of cable news shows this week as he was one of the most recent jounalists to interview the Kansas City shooter. Somehow HLN got Pakman’s photo mixed up and ran it during a call-in interview with a former neo-Nazi.

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