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Yelp Posts Hipster Heat Map Of NYC

Gothamist explains: If you’ve been wondering where the bearded, slim-hipped throngs of Daft Punk-worshipping, artisanal razor-shaving blog cliches prefer to get their kale and PBR, well, Yelp has got you covered; the all-encompassing Reviews of the People site has been kind enough to create heat maps documenting where reviewers mention words like “yuppie,” “tourist” and “bacon” most, and naturally they’ve …

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June 1st: NYC Nametag Day

Very Seinfeldian. From the website: Ever wanted to connect with the millions of New Yorkers walking past you? Each day brings opportunities to make new friends and share experiences. All too often, we can forget to notice the people around us. Nametag Day aims to break this barrier and strengthen the human element of the New York experience, adding a …

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