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CA Senate Approves High-Speed Rail

In a narrow vote, the California Senate has allocated $8B for the beginning of a high-speed rail system. The vote was dramatic because it barely passed with just 21 votes, exactly the number needed, after some arm-twisting by Governor Brown and under pressure of losing $3.3 billion in federal funding. A number of Democratic senators, including three who served on …

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Coming Soon To America, Right After Your Jetson’s Flying Car & Home Holodeck

The Federal Railroad Administration says to be patient: With the successful completion of the original phases of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Improvement Project offering Amtrak’s maximum 150 mph Acela train service between Washington, New York, and Boston, efforts to develop high-speed intercity passenger rail service have expanded beyond the NEC. However, just as the Interstate Highway System took 50 years …

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Chinese May Bankroll High Speed Mag-Lev Train Between Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Proponents of a high-speed rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas say a Chinese bank is willing to bankroll the project to the tune of $7B. The California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission still has several hurdles to clear before it could move ahead with plans to develop the project between Las Vegas and Anaheim, Calif. The commission late Monday …

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