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Ingraham Guest: Biden’s Platform Is Anti-Straight White Males, Campaign Is A “Quite Explicit Vendetta” [AUDIO]

“The actual group that’s at the bottom of the totem pole of respectability, of honor, of acknowledgment in our culture, is straight white males. I mean, they are — they are the pariahs, the ones that are blamed for any social ills that the elite chooses to acknowledge. “And it’s not just people are saying things off the cuff, you …

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Fox Guest: More Blacks Are “Addicted To Marijuana”

“This was an incredibly telling moment about the Democratic worldview, Tucker. With voters rightly terrified about the ongoing post-George Floyd crime wave, this would be the moment to try to rebrand the Democratic Party as the party of law and order. “So what does Biden do? He accuses the cops yet again of racism. Biden said that Blacks and whites …

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