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Trump Advisor Who Said He Would Eat His Shoe If Trump Lost Refuses To Eat Shoe Because “Trump Won”

Mediaite reports: Former Trump campaign adviser Harlan Hill said on Election Night back in November that he would eat his own shoe if President Donald Trump lost. Significant time has now passed, and President Joe Biden has been sworn into office, putting a definitive end to the pipe-dream that the results of the election would be undone. An appropriate question …

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Fox Bans Trump Campaign Advisor Harlan Hill After He Tweets “Kamala Harris Is An Insufferable Lying Bitch”

Mediaite reports: Trump campaign adviser Harlan Hill will no longer be allowed on Fox News after tweeting during the vice presidential debate Wednesday night that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is an “insufferable lying bitch.” “Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying bitch. Sorry, it’s just true,” tweeted Hill, an Advisory Board Member on the Trump campaign and occasional …

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Trump Surrogate Harlan Hill: Hillary Mentions Russia’s Hacking So She Can Contest The Election [VIDEO]

In one of the looniest exchanges we’ve seen (today, at least) Bernie Sanders backer turned Trump surrogate Harlan Hill battled former Jeb Bush spox Tim Miller at great length before declaring that Hillary Clinton is “planting the seeds” for contesting the election by mentioning Russia’s hacking. Or something. The dumbfounded CNN host responded, “This is the first time we’re hearing …

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