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UNREAL: Frothy Mix’s Black Gay Former Chief Of Staff Defends Him On Hardball

As my Twitter and Facebook followers know, I almost hurled my motherfucking dinner last night while I watched this asshat.BACKSTORY: In 2005 outing kingpin Mike Rogers exposed Santorum’s then chief of staff Robert Traynham and gave him that year’s Roy Cohn Award.

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MSNBC Covers Westboro SCOTUS Case

Westboro Baptist Church’s freedom of speech case is coming up in the Supreme Court. Tonight the pundits on Hardball discussed whether Westboro “should be shut down.”

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Mike Rogers Goes On Hardball To Talk About Rick Warren

Renowned LGBT activist Mike Rogers (BlogActive, PageOneQ) went on Hardball last night to debate Rev. Eugene Rivers about Rick Warren. Rogers gets some really good shots in, watch this. Digby’s take: Rogers took a very unusual tack and said that Rivers coming on the show to defend Warren shows how powerful the gay community is and that he was very …

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