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Exposing The Lies About Gay Pedophilia

Rob Tisinai sends us another of his excellent videos, this one prompted in part by the Prop 8 trial lies of Hak-Shing William Tam, who infamously claimed that the ultimate goal is gay activists is to legalize sex with children. Read Rob’s accompanying post and watch this excellent deconstruction of the lies used against us.

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Prop 8 Witness Repeats Pedophilia Claims

David Boies tore into Hak-Shing William Tam on the stand at Perry vs. Schwarzenegger as Tam repeated his nonsensical claims about gays and pedophilia. Attorney David Boies spent time walking Tam through a Web site for a Chinese-American evangelical Christian group that featured a headline reading “Studies Show That Homosexuality Is Linked to Pedophilia.” Tam serves as secretary of the …

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Prop 8 Defendant Wants Out: I’m Scared Of Gay Retribution

One of the five defendants in the Olson/Boies case claims he’s too scared of retribution from gay activists to continue. A vocal gay marriage opponent who volunteered to become a defendant in the case challenging California’s same-sex nuptial ban is now asking to be removed from the case. Hak-Shing William Tam was one of the five official sponsors of Proposition …

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